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Desserts Menu

Please view our menu below.

Tiramisu 6.95
An elegant and rich layered Italian dessert made with delicate Italian biscuits savoiardi, coffee, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, Marsala wine and cocoa powder.

Profiteroles 6.95
Soft choux pastries filled with a superb chantilly cream, all covered with chocolate cream.

Chocolate Cake Temptation 6.95
Layer of chocolate cake made with cocoa from Ecuador, filled with chocolate and hazelnut creams and a hazelnut crunch, covered with a chocolate glaze.

Raspberry Cheesecake 6.95
Classic cheesecake with raspberry sauce decorated with fresh fruit and raspberry glaze.

Cannolo 6.95
Homemade with crispy pastry tube filled with tasty ricotta cream and chocolate chips.

Souffle 6.95
A unique and classic chocolate fondant soufflé with a pistachio cream heart.

Italian Ice Cream Sorbet (1 scoop 3.75, 2 scoops 5.50, 3 scoops 7.20)
Vanilla, Pistachio, Coffee, Coconut, Salted Caramel ice cream and Lemon or Mango sorbet.

Brandy 5.95

Irish 5.95

Amaretto 5.95

Tia Maria 5.95

Sambuca 5.95

Breakfast tea 2.00

Flavoured tea 2.40

Coffee 2.70

Decaffeinated 2.50

Flat white 3.25

Cappuccino 2.95

Caffe latte 2.95

Caffe latte 2.95

Espresso, single 2.30

Espresso, double 2.70

Iced coffee 3.50

Pistachio ice coffee 3.85

Floater coffee 3.40

Hot chocolate 3.30
Steamed milk swirled with mocha-flavoured syrup. (Add whipped cream 0.50)

Espresso con panna 2.95
Short strong espresso with whipped cream.

Caffe coretto 3.95
Espresso with a dash of grappa.

Macchiato 2.50
Small espresso with a smooth taste created by added foamed milk.

Affogato 5.95
Scoops of vanilla ice cream with coffee espresso. (Also is available with Amaretto 8.20)

Authentic Italian cuisine

in Somerset

Welcome to Nuova Italia, a fine Italian cuisine near Yeovil Somerset. We offer delicious traditional Italian cooking from our award winning & family friendly Italian restaurant.

Come and see the restaurant for yourself, take our 3D virtual Tour. We can host corporate business meetings, birthday parties or the perfect place for intimate dinners.